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What is Restoration?

Car restoration is the process of returning a car to its former glory. One of the best qualities of classic cars is that they stand out among all other cars on the road.

Restoration means more than making a car's exterior look good. A full restoration means replacing nearly every part on the car. From dashboard to hub caps, restorers aim to be as accurate as possible, making the car look as good as it did when it rolled off the assembly line.

Why Relative Restoration?

Restoring your classic car might seem like a fun project, but it can be difficult and time consuming for someone who does not do it regularly. You need to have the ability to look at factory specifications, have a way to get the parts, and then put it all together. Knowledge about engine repair is helpful, but restoring a car is a much bigger job. Having the proper tools, equipment and skills are important.

Access to materials is a common problem for people trying to restore their own car. Professionals have the time and resources to track down original parts. Most people don't realize how big a job restoring a car can be.

I have worked in the automotive industry for over 40 years. I have a passion for cars, especially classic muscle cars. I take pride in my work and want my customers to know their car will have my undivided attention from start to completion.



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